Copertina I trend economici del futuro
I trend economici del futuro
di Hermann Simon, Danilo Zatta

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Copertina Marketing 3.0
Marketing 3.0
di P. Kotler, H. Kartajaya, I. Setiawan

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Economia & Management

Copertina Make a Profit with Italian Luxury

Make a Profit with Italian Luxury

Made in Italy: The Essential Guide for Having Success in Buying and Reselling
Economia Internazionale
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Any business model has its rules. It may take years to discover them and establish a business. If you intend to invest in Made in Italy and luxury products, this book, in a clear and simple way, will guide you through the Italian market opportunities and prevent you from making mistakes. What is the best way to contact brands? What do brands look for? What can you do to reach an agreement with a brand? Is it worth opening a store? Is it worth buying or renting store space? What are the safest ways to buy original products? How can you negotiate effectively? If followed closely, the advice in "Make a profit with Italian Luxury" saves you time when setting up your business. This book increases the speed at which you can succeed.

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